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Special Events

Date specific events happening in Central Ohio and our Region 5

August 5 - The Ohio Day of Sharing (In Person)
 "3 Essentials: Honesty, Open-mindedness & Willingness"
at Scarlet City Church, 114 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43214

Event Registration: 9:30am-10, Program 10-4pm​
 Suggested Donation $5 (voluntary)  BYO-Lunch or go out with others

Service opportunity/Questions: Contact Melissa, at
Monthly Planning Meetings (on Zoom)
October  Weekend Retreat
1st Saturdays - 1-2:30pm (EDT)
Meeting ID: 854 6341 4413  Passcode: 2674462
For more information, Kim B. (614) 636-1554
Monthly Committee Meetings (on Zoom)
Public Information / Professional Outreach
2nd Sundays, from 2-3pm (EDT)
Meeting ID: 880 1976 2602  Passcode: 2674462
For more info, contact Patsy W. via email
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