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"Every OA group ought to be fully

self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

Spiritual Principal: Responsibility

Zoom is paid for by our Central Ohio Intergroup, for meetings' use

and for members holding roles for organizing and chairing meetings.  


Local groups use contributions for rent and other needs. They may also contribute a percentage to Intergroup, Region 5 and World Service, 

as referenced in the 7th Tradition pamphlet.

Meeting Group

Who is our meeting group's Treasurer?  Each registered meeting has a "Group #" which is located in the last column of our meeting list.  Group # are also assigned for Intergroup and Region 5.

​You may want to consider calling a group conscience to discuss how your meeting would like to handle Tradition 7. Whether an in-person, online or hybrid meeting type. If the group has a Treasurer, that person may have a preferred method for collecting contributions from the group. At face-to-face meetings, often a basket is passed. Some Online meetings do not have a Treasurer, and can opt to ask that contributions be sent, using the group # for that meeting to our Intergroup.


Note: Contributions made directly to Intergroup, Region 5 or WSO, are not available funds for the local group. Only what the Treasurer has on hand can be used for group purposes.

Electronic Payments via Zelle:

At our Central Ohio Service Intergroup, one can contribute through Zelle.

        Check your bank account to see if you have it. If you do, use:

          Recipient Name:   Central Ohio Service Intergroup


For Mailing Contributions:

           -Make checks payable to: Central Ohio Service Intergroup

           -Send a check to our Post Office Box (we collect at least monthly):

           -Contribution Form link

           -Go to our Contact Us page for the address.  (COSIGOA Group# 09134).




Region 5 of Overeaters Anonymous consists of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Chicago area of Illinois and South Western Ontario Canada.

Region 5 - Tradition 7 contribution, ​Region 5's address: 

Region 5 Overeaters Anonymous, P.O. Box 221224, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

or contribute online, use a credit/debit card in a secure online process.

The World Service Office (WSO) has a physical office in the U.S. that is maintained and includes paid staff to direct the many efforts for OA on a global scale.

This is all paid for by the members, through our contributions for the meeting  groups we attend, whether virtual or in person.

We can provide our Tradition 7 contribution in two ways:  

​Use the Contribution form, print it and mail it in ​​with a check or use a

credit/debit card in the secure online process at




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