Plans & Dreams Workshop

Survey Results were reviewed at the 

Plans & Dreams Workshop. The input was used to understand the feedback of  members. Participants worked on drafting a mission statement to lay the groundwork for creating goals for 2022 and beyond.  The COSIGOA Board will finalize the details and share more in an upcoming email-blast which will also be posted on this site.

Thank You! 

To all who participated by completing

the survey (36) and

to the participants who joined

Saturday's meeting to

provide insights and ideas.

2022 Survey Report PDF (32 pgs) is available via the COSIGOA SURVEY REPORT button on this page. You may download it or print it for easier viewing.


This is the actual survey & responses of raw data 1st showing graphs, followed by a percentage summary of answers collected of  survey responses. Where the graph may cut-off a question, the full statement is in the 2nd section of percentages for each question.


For anonymity purposes, individual comments were removed, where comments to elaborate were allowed in the survey.